Pulse Pathways

PULSE (Pathways United for Learning, Service and Excellence)

PULSE is a two-day conference-style student development experience held each fall. Students attend PULSE in place of their regularly scheduled classes. Students are given opportunities to gain insights into their majors and to develop both personally and professionally - all with an emphasis on service, success and excellence. 

The Kickoff Speaker and a number of workshops will be livestreamed with recordings available after PULSE. If you plan to watch a livestream or recorded event registration for these events is not necessary. Events that will be livestreamed have a video camera icon next to their names. 

PULSE 2023

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24-25, 2023

Featured Events

How PUlse Works

1  Customize Your Experience - Choose 2 Blocks!

PULSE offers three blocks from which students can choose to customize their experience: Kickoff Speaker, Workshops and Serve Project. Students should choose to participate in two of the three blocks. These events will offer multiple opportunities for professional development, personal enrichment, tips for student success, the chance to network with leaders in your industry, meet new people, visit areas of Wallace State you normally wouldn’t, and have fun. 

Kickoff Speaker

Block A

Clay Dyer, Professional Fisherman
8 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 24
Traditions Bank Arena in Tom Drake Coliseum

Presentation will be live streamed via WSCC’s YouTube channel and also made available for viewing after the live event. Oneonta students will have the chance to view the live stream on their campus at the Academic Center.

Registration is not required to attend the Kickoff Speaker in person.


Block B

Full-Time Students should attend at least two (2) workshops if they choose this block.

Part-Time Students should attend at least one (1) workshop if they choose this block.

Sign up for workshops using the Sign Up Here link below. Students may not repeat a workshop during PULSE.

Full-time students are those taking 12 or more credit hours; part-time students are taking fewer than 12 credit hours. Some workshops will be live streamed and/or recorded for viewing.

Serve Projects

Block C

Students who choose to participate in a Serve Project will sign up via the Course Listings page. (See Sign Up Here link below.) Space is limited to first-come, first-served basis. Serve Projects listed on the Course Listing page are open to all students. Other Serve Projects may be exclusive to certain programs; check with your instructors about signing up for these projects.

Students should participate in only one Serve Project.


2  Complete Reflection and/or Class Assignment

After PULSE is over, you will be asked to complete a reflection and/or a separate assignment associated with one or more of your classes. Please check with your instructors to see how they will incorporate this into their curriculum and if any extra credit will be awarded for your participation. 

3  Tell Us What You Thought

You will be asked to submit a survey of your PULSE experience. Please look for this survey in your PULSE Information & Survey Blackboard shell. 

Sign Up Here

Registration will be held from 8 a.m., Oct. 2 through 10 a.m., Oct. 23.

IMPORTANT: Please make notes or take screenshots of the day and time of the workshops/serve projects you regsiter for as a complete list will not be provided. Use an active email address on your form. 


No, if you are not attending in person, you do not have to register because you will not need a physical seat.

No, all of the events are free.

To un-enroll, send your name with the name, date, and time of the workshop to pulse@hljrhmy.com. 

Students may choose any workshop in which seats are availalbe; however, some instructors may ask students to register for program-specific workshops.

We strongly encourage students to select new workshops each year they participate in PULSE.


Links for these events will be available in the PULSE Blackboard course in the module titled RESOURCES FOR ONLINE STUDENTS: PULSE recordings and links to live-streamed events will be available here.

If you take classes only online, you have the option of participating in person on campus OR participating in PULSE by viewing the PULSE Keynote speaker either in the live-streamed or recorded version and by viewing recorded versions of a limited selection of PULSE workshops (we couldn't possibly record everything, so we chose a selection of the most popular workshop topics). You do not need to register if you plan to view workshops and/or the Keynote event online. Once PULSE has taken place, and we have had time to upload the workshop recordings, they will appear in the PULSE Blackboard course. Please visit the PULSE Blackboard course after PULSE to view workshops.

The kickoff speaker and several workshops will be livestreamed and/or recorded for students to access. Links for these events will be available in the PULSE Blackboard course in the module titled RESOURCES FOR ONLINE STUDENTS: PULSE recordings and links to live-streamed events will be available here.

The fastest way to get help with PULSE questions is to send an email to pulse@hljrhmy.com.